Overview of sales statistics

The monitoring tool of the Immomig® software is used to monitor your account managers. For real-time updating, various evaluations can be made in the statistics tool. The intuitive search filter allows statistics to be evaluated for the day, month and year. Specific dates can be selected for a customized evaluation. Define sales targets specifically for each sales person and push their sales.

How to control your goals?

Define your sales and acquisition targets and evaluate them quickly and easily with this practical tool. In this way you keep an overview. With the trend curve, you can see at any time whether you are on course or not.

Acquired objects Plan de travail 2150453015
Sales turnover Plan de travail 2 copie60 Mio.090 6030
Total of commissions Plan de travail 2 copie 21.5 Mio.03M2M1M

Compare your brokers

Control and optimize the work of your team! Compare brokers, agencies, or regions to get a detailed sense of their performance. By being aware of the exact numbers, at all time, you can act at the right place and therefore accelerate the success of your business.

Export your data

All the controlling data is available for export in an easy-to-use Excel file. This enables you to perform further analysis or integrate with your other internal processes.