Rotation of publications

Reduce your publishing costs!

The module "Rotation of publications" is a tool that allows users to reduce their monthly publication bills. How does it work? Immomig® automatically rotates your ads on a defined portal. For example, if your subscription for portal X is limited to 10 slots, but you want to publish 25, Immomig® will make sure that each property is published for 3 days in a row, then automatically removed, and replaced by another randomly chosen property. You also have the option to choose certain properties to be published permanently without being replaced.

After 3 days the feedback is almost zero

Thanks to this module, you will save money without reducing your chances of selling or renting. Indeed, when an object is published, the maximum return is observed during the first few days and then decreases rapidly until it becomes almost zero. Therefore, the publication performance is identical if you put your 30 objects online at the same time or if you use the "Rotation of publications" module. The only thing that changes is the price you pay for the portals. For this you can rely on IMMOMIG SA to give you the best value for money on the market.