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IMMOMIG SA was founded by Patrick Maillard in 2004 while he was studying computer science at the University of Fribourg. It is one of Switzerland’s leading providers of real estate software, with more than 6,000 users as of 1 January 2021. Patrick Maillard won the Venture Leaders award in 2007. Five years later, IMMOMIG SA became a supporting member of the SVIT Romandie.

Patrick Maillard (founder and CEO) and Etienne Kneuss (CTO and partner) are supported by a team of 40 people. The team consists of property market experts, developers and sales, customer support and customer service specialists, as well as multimedia design and marketing experts. Their strength lies in their expertise, their understanding of customer requirements, and in their knowledge of the property business. They use this knowledge and experience to offer convenient tailored solutions including the latest technology.

A complete solution

IMMOMIG SA develops and markets a complete solution for real estate agents, managers, architects, property developers and construction businesses. The Immomig® concept includes:

  • User-friendly online real estate software.
  • A modern website for your agency and promotions.
  • A mobile app available for iPhone and Android.
  • A free property portal:
  • A premium service for support and sales.

Comprehensive software

Immomig® helps users to quickly and easily manage their properties, contacts, publications and website. It also includes a number of modules: ‘new property project management’, ‘automatic response to customer requests’, ‘acquisition pipeline management’, ‘billing’ and ‘social networks package’.

The other innovative tools include Immomig® MLS (create your network and collaborate with partner agencies to sell properties), Global Matching (automatically match your customers with your properties) and automatic distance calculation (automatically find distances). A mobile app that is compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android is also available for mobile management of properties, contacts, tasks and appointments.

Don’t delay: choose the complete solution from IMMOMIG SA and focus your efforts on winning customers and growing your business!


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