Arthur Andermatt

An der Immomig® Maklersoftware schätzen wir die einfach gehaltene und übersichtlich gestaltete Benutzeroberfläche sowie hilfreiche Erinnerungsfunktionen. Die Möglichkeit, das Verkaufsexposé und Kundenreporting direkt aus dem Programm erstellen zu können, erspart uns externe Kosten.

Die webbasierte Technologie erlaubt den ortsunabhängigen Zugriff, was besonders bei Akquisitionsgesprächen wertvoll ist. Unsere Interessenten und Kunden haben jederzeit Zugriff auf ihre persönlichen Daten und ihr Suchprofil.

Das ermöglicht uns, unsere Kunden gezielter über neue Objekte zu informieren. Abgerundet wird das Paket durch einen zuvorkommenden, kompetenten und freundlichen Kundenservice.

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David Colle

Greater responsiveness with the Immomig® app for iPhone & iPad

"After comparing several pieces of software, I chose Immomig®. One-click matching, quick access to our client or property database, and simplified property posting are all strong points of this software.

We can also track our key performance indicators using the control tools. For us, mobile access with the Immomig® application for iPhone and iPad is a must.

Getting information in real time improves our responsiveness and efficiency. And being able to offer our clients a website optimised for mobile devices represents a service with high added value. I am entirely satisfied and recommend Immomig®!"

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Philippe Fournier
Christian Eissengarthen

Immomig®: powerful software designed for property professionals

"We have been working with Immomig® for three years and are fully satisfied. The software enables us to easily manage the properties on our website, which are automatically reposted to a variety of portals.

Our clients usually leave us their contact information to receive information on new offers. Following-up used to be difficult to handle manually. Today, we have become much more efficient: our clients register on our website and enter their search criteria. They instantly receive an email as soon as a new property matching their criteria is posted online.

In addition to providing our clients with a powerful, easy-to-use website, the Immomig® solution offers our agency a unified administration interface that greatly facilitates our daily tasks!

We thank the whole IMMOMIG SA team for the quality of their work."

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Gianluca Righetti

Siamo tra i primi clienti storici di Immomig e ci piace particolarmente la gestione rapida e interconnessa di tutte le informazioni immobili e clienti, nonché le proposte di matching selettive elaborate dal sistema.
Abbiamo anche la possibilità di integrare moduli e di programmare soluzioni personalizzate sulla base delle nostre esigenze.

In passato avevamo usato un altro sistema gestionale ma con Immomig abbiamo trovato un sistema più aperto e flessibile. Immomig si è sempre presentato come prodotto svizzero d’avanguardia. Per questi motivi possiamo consigliare Immomig a tutte le agenzie.

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