API interface

Connect Immomig® with other systems

API stands for "Applications Programming Interface", which means "programming interface". An API allows individual software and hardware components to communicate with each other. With the MIG-API interface you connect Immomig® with other systems. This allows you to have your own solution or website developed by third parties directly with Immomig® data.


  • Interface of your management software (REM, RIMO, quorum, Thurner, etc.) and Immomig® with IDX
  • Interface of Immomig® to your website with MIG-API
  • Interface from your database / website to Immomig® with MIG-API
  • Interface from your website of contact inquiries to Immomig® with MIG-API

What advantages does the MIG API offer?

  • A very modern API REST and JSON technology
  • More available fields than standard IDX
  • Unlimited number of pictures
  • Possibility to export photos directly in the required size
  • Greater flexibility by adding and editing the fields to be exported
  • Continuous data availability via the API interface

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