Find the right buyer for your object

The matching tool allows you to find contacts that are appropriate for a particular object. With a few clicks, you can manage the criteria: give the budget a minimum and maximum margin or define desired regions. Save valuable time thanks to the matching mass processing. In no time you can process a large number at the same time.

Stay informed thanks to Global Matching

The system continuously examines your contacts and objects to make potential matchings. Every change results in a recalculation of the matching possibilities. Thanks to a notification on your dashboard, you are always up-to-date and see all possibilities at a glance.

Discover our other tools

Social media

With this Facebook integration, you are always up-to-date in social media.

Newsletter creator

With a few clicks to a professional newsletter with analyzes and statistics.

Geo search filter

Precise the search for your objects and customers directly on the map.


Let your personal website create and link it to your objects.