Looking back on the year 2021


Looking back on the year 2021
A prestigious client, a new building and a new digital rental module "DigiRENT" - 2021 has been a busy year for IMMOMIG AG. Despite many successes, the last twelve months have been difficult for several reasons:

  • Coronavirus pandemic

  • Lack of properties for sale

  • Pressure on real estate brokerage from low-cost agencies

  • Creation of the quasi-monopoly SMG Swiss Marketplace Group

DBS Group, Guin and DigiRENT

At the beginning of the year, IMMOMIG SA announced the signing of a prestigious customer: DBS Group. Putting this collaboration into production was a real challenge for our company and it was met with success.

Next, IMMOMIG SA unveiled its project to build new offices in the Fribourg town of Guin. This building will be able to accommodate up to 70 employees. The move is planned for 2023.

Finally, IMMOMIG SA continues to innovate and is launching the development of DigiRENT.This is a revolutionary digital rental module that will meet all your needs in this area.

2022 as eventful as 2021?

The actions of the new joint venture SMG Swiss Marketplace Group (Casasoft, Publimmo, Homegate, ImmoScout and Acheter-louer.ch.) are worth watching. In particular, prices are expected to rise sharply for services of unchanged or even lower quality.

Another element is that the brokerage market is dry and this is exacerbated by players like Neho. The latter are putting strong pressure on agencies with a system of fixed fees.

Finally, the health situation should not be underestimated. The pandemic has complicated the internal organisation of many companies (teleworking, quarantines, contamination, etc.).

In spite of these different elements, many innovative projects will be finalised during this new year. You can always count on your independent partner IMMOMIG SA.