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05.06.2019 08:30 - 18:00


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The annual "Marketingrunde" congress will take place on June 5 in Zurich. This day will take place in an amazing Zurich building and will focus on the different challenges that innovators and innovations are posing to the real estate world today, as its name suggests, from a marketing point of view. By participating, you will learn several solutions on how to respond to these ongoing and future changes.

As sponsors, we are delighted to be able to support this great event, which provides an important and relevant level of information for your respective activities.

If you are interested in participating at this event, please let us know by completing the contact form below.

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08:30 : Welcome Coffee:

  • Introduction, Dr. Roman Bolliger, Monika Schärer
  • Innovations in the real estate industry: Why we have to be vigilant, Dr. Roman Bolliger
  • Key Note: How the human brain reacts to digital innovations, Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

    10:00 : Networking break

  • Professional management of vacancies, Mirko Meister and Maurizio Mancinone
  • How vacant apartments can be rented through AirBnB, Alexander Limpert
  • How empty storage rooms can be used profitably, Terry Fehlman

    12:00 : Networking Lunch

  • Key Note: Support, entertain or perish - The trends in marketing communication, Prof. Dr. Dominique von Matt
  • The challenge of data protection from Switzerland's point of view, Dr. Michèle Balthasar
  • How the young PropTech scene is establishing itself, Mario Facchinetti

    15:00 :Networking break

  • Innovative rental: simple, clever, digital, Heinz Schwyterr
  • Immobot: digital assistant for efficient marketing, Alexander Schmid
  • SAM: Robotics for Real Estate Marketing, Alexandros Tyropolis
  • Startup Talk, Monika Schärer and Startupper
  • Take Aways of the Marketingrunde 2019, Dr. Roman Bolliger

    16:30 :Networking drinks
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