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MEET 2024 by REM


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MEET 2024 by REM
MEET 2024, by REM - Mountain Eco Experience Tour

We are proud to sponsor and participate in MEET 2024, an exceptional water-themed journey organized by REM. This exclusive event will take place from Wednesday, June 5th to Friday, June 7th, 2024, offering an immersive experience around the Mont-Blanc Massif, spanning Switzerland, Italy, and France.

This exclusive trip will bring together 35 participants, including executives and leaders, to discover unique aspects related to water, including meetings, visits, and workshops focused on photovoltaics, glaciology, dams, e-mobility, and gastronomy.

The program features a series of fascinating activities, including a visit to the first alpine photovoltaic park on Lac des Toules, an immersion into the heart of the Mer de Glace with glaciologist Sylvain Coutterand to discuss environmental issues related to glacier melting, and an e-bike excursion to the Emosson Dam.

This unique journey will begin in Martigny and conclude with a return to Switzerland aboard the Mont-Blanc Express. The event promises not only captivating discoveries but also moments of conviviality and sharing throughout these three days of exploration.