dreamo.ch, the innovative property port"> dreamo.ch, the innovative property port">

Discover the benefits of dreamo!


Discover the benefits of dreamo!
Discover some of the advantages of dreamo.ch, the innovative property portal created by IMMOMIG SA! In this article, we reveal the 5 essential advantages for property professionals, as well as the 5 exclusive benefits for private users, in other words your prospects.

Advantages for real estate professionals

1. Free publication of ads
Advertising on dreamo.ch is completely free. This enables estate agents to maximise their visibility at no extra cost, while reaching a wide audience of potential buyers and tenants.

2. Exclusivity to professionals
Only real estate professionals who are registered in the Commercial Register can publish ads on our portal. This means that there is no competition from private individuals, ensuring a professional and secure environment for property transactions.

3. Access to relevant property seller leads
The lead generation process on dreamo.ch is simple and efficient:
1. The owner fills in the valuation form on dreamo.ch.
2. Our AI suggests the 5 brokers best suited to make the sale.
3. The owner chooses the broker he wants to contact.
4. We then pass the lead on to the agency of the broker chosen by the owner.
This allows you to obtain quality leads effortlessly, allowing you to concentrate on making the sale.

4. Digital rental process with DigiRENT
For companies using our DigiRENT service, the rental process is fully digitised. This simplifies the management of rental files and improves operational efficiency. See the benefits of DigiRENT

5. Simplified communication with "Messenger
Our Messenger feature makes it easy to communicate with your prospects. Centralise all your conversations in one place for more efficient and responsive request management.

Benefits for Portal Users

1. Security and reliability of ads
As only professionals registered in the Commercial Register can publish ads, users are guaranteed not to come across any fraudulent ads. This creates an environment of trust for buyers and tenants.

2. Identity federation
With identity federation, your dreamo.ch account can be used on the websites of agencies with an Immomig® website. You no longer need to create an account on each estate agency website that you visit regularly. One account, one login to access several real estate websites and benefit from member-only content.

3. 100% digital filing of rental applications
Users can submit their rental applications entirely digitally (to agencies using DigiRENT), simplifying the application process and speeding up administrative procedures. See the benefits of DigiRENT

4. Simplified communication with "Messenger
The Messenger feature allows users to centralise all their communications with different agencies in one place. This makes exchanges smoother and faster.

5. Access to the most qualified professionals
Our valuation form gives homeowners direct access to the 5 most relevant brokers to sell their property. They can therefore choose the professional best suited to their needs, ensuring a quick and efficient sale.

Discover for yourself the many benefits of dreamo.ch today! Don't miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the security, reliability and efficiency of dreamo.ch. Join our community now by publishing your ads on our platform free of charge. Click here to start your dreamo.ch adventure!