REM Fribourg: Spotlight on PropTechs


REM Fribourg: Spotlight on PropTechs
A look back at REM Fribourg 2024

On April 23, Fribourg's Théâtre Équilibre was the setting for an exceptional evening, marked by REM Fribourg 2024. This event, which has become a must-attend for the region's real estate professionals, once again brought together key players in the sector around a buoyant theme: "PropTech innovation in Fribourg".

A look back at the event

A must-attend event for real estate professionals
Organized by REM in partnership with the SVIT Romandie association, the event attracted numerous professionals interested in the PropTech theme. The evening kicked off with two presentations and a round-table discussion led by renowned industry experts, offering an enriching perspective on current challenges and opportunities.

IMMOMIG SA: proud sponsor of the event
IMMOMIG SA, as a sponsor of the event with, was honored to contribute to the success of this edition. We are convinced of the importance of supporting initiatives that highlight technological advances and innovations in the real estate industry. Our commitment as a sponsor reflects our desire to see the sector evolve towards new, more efficient and connected horizons.

A round table led by innovative leaders
The round table brought together founders and CEOs of leading Fribourg-based PropTech companies, including IMMOMIG, HomePad Solutions, ECCO2, ENOKI, and Unboxed Solutions. Each speaker brought a unique perspective on innovation and the evolution of technologies applied to real estate. The discussions highlighted common challenges and innovative solutions that are shaping the future of our sector.

Many thanks to the organizers and participants
We would like to extend our warmest thanks to the SVIT Romandie association and REM for their impeccable organization of this event. Their commitment to promoting innovation in real estate is essential to energizing our sector. We would also like to thank all the participants for their presence and their innovative ideas. Together, let's continue to innovate and move our sector forward to new horizons.

REM Fribourg 2024 was a real success, perfectly illustrating the dynamic innovation that drives the real estate sector in Fribourg. As a sponsor, IMMOMIG SA is proud to contribute to this dynamic. We look forward to seeing the ideas exchanged during the evening come to fruition, and will continue to support initiatives that propel our sector into the future.
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