IMMOMIG SA received the FDA in its new offices!


IMMOMIG SA received the FDA in its new offices!
On March 25th, IMMOMIG SA had the honor of opening its doors to host the annual press conference of the Development Agency of the Canton of Fribourg. This event provided an opportunity to present a detailed report on the region's economic activities and achievements of the past year.

A look back at the event

The Development Agency of the Canton of Fribourg (FDA) revealed a positive outcome despite a challenging geopolitical environment, reaffirming its commitment to the development and expansion of businesses in the canton.

Olivier Curty, State Councillor in charge of the economy, expressed satisfaction with the results achieved: "Our economy can thrive in an attractive environment and relies on a supportive ecosystem, particularly with an active land policy." These remarks underscore the importance of initiatives like those led by FDA to stimulate economic growth and job creation in the region.

The press conference also highlighted supported business projects by FDA, with some concrete examples shared during the event. Among them is Algaltek Sàrl, a biotechnology company that recently chose to establish itself in the Canton of Fribourg, showcasing the region's appeal and dynamism for innovative sectors.

Jerry Krattiger, Director of FDA, emphasized the increasing importance of research and development (R&D) projects in Fribourg-based businesses, highlighting the positive impact of these initiatives on the local economy.

The holding of this press conference in our new premises in Guin perfectly illustrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial success that characterizes our company and the Canton of Fribourg. Founded 20 years ago by Patrick Maillard, then a computer science student in Fribourg, our company is now a leading provider of software solutions for real estate professionals in Switzerland with over 500 clients. IMMOMIG SA received support from the Fri Up program at its inception, earned the Genilem Switzerland Romande label, and was a Venture Leaders prize winner. This perfectly demonstrates the Canton's ability to foster the emergence and growth of innovative and thriving businesses like ours.

This annual meeting thus provided an ideal platform to celebrate the success and ongoing commitment of the Development Agency of the Canton of Fribourg towards economic development and employment in the region.

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