The 13th AHV pension from a real estate perspective


The 13th AHV pension from a real estate perspective
On March 3, the Swiss people accepted the popular initiative "Better living in retirement (initiative for a 13th AHV pension)".

At present, single people receive an AHV pension of between CHF 1225 and 2450. Pensioners will therefore receive at least an additional CHF 1225 per year. Married couples, who are currently capped at one-and-a-half pensions, will receive a maximum of CHF 3675. The initiative does not specify whether this sum will be paid all at once or spread over the whole year, but it will be paid from January 2026 at the latest.

While for some, this increase will simply compensate for the gradual loss of purchasing power in recent years, for others it will represent a significant bonus, with an 8.3% increase in their pensions.

This could stimulate demand for housing and other goods. Some retirees will be more inclined to consider investing in property or looking for a new, more suitable property. On the rental market, too, they may choose to upgrade to larger, higher-quality or better-located apartments. Overall demand is therefore likely to be impacted.

Landlords and investors may see new opportunities in the rental market. It will be wise to be able to offer housing that is adapted to the needs of retirees, with facilities and services designed with them in mind, accessible, safe and close to amenities and services.

In short, we can expect certain changes in the behavior of our seniors. We'll need to pay close attention and adapt accordingly, so as not to miss out on any opportunities.

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