Reduce your publishing costs with Immomig®


Reduce your publishing costs with Immomig®
Over the past few months, we've been hearing a lot of harsh criticism of certain publishing portals that are jacking up their prices to the extreme and providing their CRM software almost free of charge to lock in their customers when they're already in a monopoly position. That's why we wanted to write this article and give you some keys to reducing your publishing costs and increasing your marketing success.

1. "Off-Market" 

To begin with, we suggest that you propose your real estate offers to your potential customers via our matching tool. In fact, you can propose properties (for sale or rent) that correspond to your customers' searches, but which are not necessarily published on the Internet. We call these "Off-Market" items. If you find a customer without publishing, that's one less thing you have to pay to the portals.

2. Publish for free on
Next, when you publish on the Internet, it's worth trying out our new portal, which is free to publish. If you don't yet have a customer account, simply fill in the form at and we'll be in touch. We've already set up publishing bridges with most of our competitors' CRM software. You can also enter your ads manually. If you're interested in more powerful tools, you can easily upgrade from a license to an Immomig® LITE or PRO license.

3. The "Publication Rotation" module

Immomig® PRO software offers the possibility of subscribing to the "Publication Rotation" module. This innovative module enables you to subscribe to a pack that is smaller than your actual requirements (and therefore much cheaper). In concrete terms, if you need 60 items, you could subscribe to a 20-item pack. Our technology will automatically alternate the publication of all objects over the course of a month. This will have little impact on publication performance, as it's mainly during the first 3 days of publication that the object brings in the most leads. This product is available for CHF 39/month/bridge. Please contact us at to order, or visit your local Immomig® shop.

4. Promote your website
When you enter your ad in Immomig®, you can differentiate the content displayed on your own website from that published on the paid portals. Typically, it makes sense to publish more text and photos on your own site rather than on the portals. The aim is to drive traffic to your site. You can also mention in your descriptive text for portals "For more information, please visit our website". What's more, you can generate attractive texts (title and description) with our artificial intelligence tool integrated into Immomig® PRO. You can also export the link to your property's details to portals so that visitors can find it with just one click on your site. Thanks to an Immomig® website, your visitors will also be able to pick up a PDF brochure with QR Code themselves once they've created a user account (so you'll know who's interested in the object and can call the customer back). What's more, your new customer will be automatically recorded in the object's history and integrated into your client report. The object link on your website can also be recorded in the text of your ad. For example, in the Immomig® software, an automatic " DigiRENT digital application" link can be inserted into your ad. In this way, a candidate can easily access your ad from the portal.

5. Social networks 

As an alternative to real estate portals, there are, of course, social networks. When you publish an article with an item, you reach your entire community of subscribers - free of charge. Immomig® websites with social network packages or our own portal feature share buttons for easy sharing. With one click, you or a visitor can publish the item on the social network of your choice. The link is automatically picked up, allowing you to share the item's title, photo and link to your website or to

6. The "MLS object sharing" module

Immomig® PRO also includes an MLS object sharing module. This innovative module lets you share your properties with other agencies. But this module also allows your partners to publish the object on portals that you don't use. So, if you pay for publication on portal X, but not on portal Y, it's possible that your partner can publish your object on portal Y. In this way, thanks to the MLS module, your item will be published on both X and Y, but you will only incur the costs for X.