USPI Brokers Day 2023


USPI Brokers Day 2023
As usual, IMMOMIG SA sponsored the USPI Brokers' Day which was held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne in a studious atmosphere.
Themes such as life annuity sales, the evolution of the residential and retail markets, and adapting communication to customer needs were addressed by a number of high-profile speakers, including Yann Mattenberger, David Michaud and Pascal Ischer. The event was a great success.

USPI Switzerland
The Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPI Switzerland) is a federation of associations.
It brings together the associations of real estate professionals of the six French-speaking cantons.

The objectives of USPI Switzerland are, among others, the following:

  • To defend the interests of real estate professionals in French-speaking Switzerland in all matters concerning them, particularly in legislative, fiscal and financial matters

  • To establish links of confraternity between the various cantonal associations of managers and brokers

  • To bring together the strengths of the various associations (of owners and professionals in particular) that deal with real estate issues at the Swiss level

  • To promote the development of recommendations on the definition of services

  • To encourage and develop professional training