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PriceHubble arrives in Immomig®!


PriceHubble arrives in Immomig®!
We are delighted to announce our partnership with PriceHubble! Thanks to this collaboration, we will soon be able to offer you a summary valuation service for your rental properties. In a second phase, we'll also be offering a hedonic valuation service.

Indeed, our customers with an Immomig® PRO license will soon benefit from a summary estimate, called "Light", which will be carried out automaticallyonce the necessary data has been completed. This "Light" valuation will be available free of charge, but only for rental properties.

Subsequently, a hedonic appraisal, called "Complete", will be available to our customers with an Immomig® PRO license, and will be subject to a charge. This appraisal will be available for houses and apartments, both for rent and for sale. Thanks to the additional information requested, this "Complete" valuation is much more precise and detailed than the "Light" one. In addition to a financial evaluation, you'll get information about the property's location, its price evolution over time and much more!

Where to find PriceHubble estimates:
Once in your Immomig® PRO software, simply go to the "Properties" tab, then to property management and finally to a specific property. In your property data, as you scroll down this page, you'll find the "Estimates" data category, in which you'll find :

  • For properties for rent: a line automatically filled with the "Light" estimate, as well as a "Get a complete estimate" button that will allow you to order this "Complete" estimate

  • For properties for sale : a "Get a complete valuation" button that will allow you to order this "Complete" valuation

Introducing our partner:
PriceHubble aims to make the real estate market more transparent. The company develops analysis solutions to enable their customers to make more informed real estate decisions. With its digital solutions, this "BtoB" (business to business) company supports banks, developers, investors and real estate agents. PriceHubble's other products include Lead Generator, Property Tracker, Building Analyser, Portofolio Manager and Market Analyser.

We look forward to working with you and hope you enjoy these new features!