New object timeline


New object timeline
It's not always easy to keep track of the different actions carried out for each of your objects. Sending a brochure several times to the same contact, or simply not getting back to them, are mistakes that happen so quickly when you don't have the right tool at your disposal. That's why we've decided to improve our "Object Timeline", so that you can benefit from an even more complete follow-up than before!

Where can you find this "Object Timeline"?:
In your Immomig® software, go to any (active) property, then to the object file and finally click on "Timeline".

Here you'll find all the actions carried out in connection with the property, such as events, messages sent via messenger, e-mails and newsletters. It's also possible to see when, and by whom, the item has been viewed on your website, or requests related to this property.

What's more, you can choose to view all this information according to the date on which the actions took place, or for each contact and thus see what his or her interactions with the object were.

Last but not least, we've added a sales funnel to the side of the timeline, allowing you to see the progress of each contact in relation to the item in question. You'll find, for example, all the contacts who are involved in the transaction, those who are at the negotiation stage, those who have visited the object, those who are interested, contacts who have viewed the object on your website and also those to whom you have sent the object via a brochure or e-mail.