Real estate ads: how to stand out from the crowd ?


Real estate ads: how to stand out from the crowd ?
Today, real estate portals have thousands of different ads. So how is it possible to stand out from all these ads? Obviously, there is no exact science on the best practices to have, but different approaches are possible, and we will see 5 of them here.

    Be honest:

    Although it may seem obvious, one of the best ways to make your listing stand out and find a potential buyer quickly is to be as honest as possible. Don't try to embellish the truth or hide any flaws or imperfections in your property, as this will mislead visitors and may waste your time. The description and photos in your ad should always be as complete and authentic as possible. They can even help you sell your home faster, as they ensure that people who come to visit your home are really interested in what it has to offer.

    Staging your property:

    Staging your property, also known as "home staging" is a great way to make your listing stand out among the many other homes for sale. A well-staged home can showcase its best features and attract the attention of potential buyers. Not only will your listing look clean and professional, but it can also serve as inspiration and help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the space.


    Probably the most important thing a potential buyer will want to know about your home is its location. But beyond the address, a great real estate listing will give as many details as possible about the home's location, such as nearby businesses, schools, public transportation, restaurants, etc.

    Quality pictures:

    When you create a real estate ad, buyers first see the photos you post. If your photos are poor quality, blurry or poorly framed, buyers won't want to click on your listing. You may want to consider hiring a professional photographer to get high quality real estate photos. Using a professional photographer has several advantages, including photos taken from a better angle, good use of light, light professional photo editing.

    Use the right keywords:

    Real estate keywords focus on the features and descriptions that best suit your home, drive buyer interest and help search algorithms show your real estate listing as a relevant result. To determine the best keywords to use, simply answer 3 questions. First, who are the most likely buyers/tenants? Second, what are the priorities and needs of these buyers/tenants? Finally, how does the home match the buyer/tenant's goals and what descriptive phrases match those goals?

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