Back on the news!


Back on the news!
The IMMOMIG SA team is constantly innovating to bring new features to our software that will make life easier for its users. In this article, we present the 15 new features that have been added to Immomig® since the beginning of 2023.
If you want to know more about these new features, please visit the new features page. You can find it by following this path in Immomig®. Tab General > Updates

10.01 → CMS component - financing simulation

10.01 → Re-organize MLS module rights

11.01 → Optimization of the email queue

12.01 → Configuration of object and contact types

16.01 → Automatic pop-up display on site opening

31.01 → Show complete history from Requests to handle

03.02 → Conflict management when importing requests

15.02 → Improvements of the object funnel

23.02 → New filter in Acquisition pipeline: Source

02.03 → New DigiRENT form fields

09.03 → Verification of references in DigiRENT

14.03 → MLS notifications filtered by topic

15.03 → Improved display of recent support tickets

12.04 → CMS component - Animated number counter

24.04 → Improved display of the financing simulation

To be aware of all the new features of the Immomig® software, do not hesitate to consult the news page regularly. General > Updates

*CMS = Content Management System