We are very excited about our partnership with Tayo Software, as it allows us to create a "One-Stop-Shop" real estate platform, which covers the entire rental life cycle!
Indeed, TAYO is the leading platform to simplify the interactions in real estate management, from the initial inventory of fixtures to the exit, and everything in between, thanks to digitalization.
While IMMOMIG is the Swiss leader in real estate CRM solutions, and its new platform DigiRENT digitalizes the process and management of applications from potential tenants. The two services complement each other and allow property managers and tenants to gain maximum benefit from the partnership at all levels of the property rental life cycle.
It also allows property managers to save time, especially on low-value tasks.

  • Firstly, the use of Immomig® and its DigiRENT module allows property managers to publish the advertisement on different real estate portals and also to perform matching. The latter allows them to highlight contacts whose search criteria correspond with a specific property, in order to be able to propose this property to potentially interested persons.

  • DigiRENT also facilitates the application process for tenants who can apply online and for real estate agencies who receive legible digital forms that only need to be verified.

  • Then, at the time of the various visits, DigiRENT facilitates communication between the rental manager and the applicant, notably through the messaging service.

  • Then comes the time to process the various applications received. At this stage DigiRENT, with the help of its algorithm, sorts the various applications received by relevance, according to rational criteria.

  • And finally, when it comes time to select the tenant who will be retained, DigiRENT allows the person in charge of renting to inform in a few clicks the tenant who has been selected for the property in question, as well as those who have unfortunately not been retained.

  • Once the lease contract has been signed, this is where TAYO comes in. By offering the possibility of carrying out the inventory of fixtures on entering the property digitally.

  • Then, once the tenant has received his keys and is fully enjoying the property, any work that needs to be done will be reported to the management company by the tenant simply via his smartphone.

  • Once the request for work has been made, the management company will be able to generate a bid from different service providers and once the quotes have been received, it will choose the service provider who will intervene.

  • TAYO also facilitates communication between the different parties involved during the rental period, between the tenant, the property manager, the owner and the concierge.

  • Then, when the apartment is returned, TAYO will also facilitate the inventory of fixtures at the end of the rental period, especially since this step has been digitized.

This partnership involving two companies that aim to facilitate property management processes, particularly through digitalization, makes sense and really changes the deal for all stakeholders!

Tayo + Immomig