DigiRENT + EAMT.ch


DigiRENT + EAMT.ch
DigiRENT is a digital rental tool. It allows property managers or owners wishing to rent out their properties to do so using a digital and centralized process.
However, one of the steps in this process, for the potential tenant, is in most cases to submit an extract from the register of debtors. Until now, this step could not be done online, but by going to the debt enforcement office of his district or to a post office.
Now, thanks to EAMT.ch, it is possible to order this document directly online and also to receive it by e-mail. This partnership makes sense and allows for an increasingly digital and practical process, saving time for potential tenants who apply by this means. On the website of the agencies using DigiRENT, people submitting their application for a property can now order this document directly through the application form thanks to the addition of the button: "Order an extract from the debt enforcement register online".
This button redirects to the EAMT.ch website, you just have to fill in the form step by step, pay and simply wait for the receipt of the document by e-mail. We are very pleased with this partnership and we hope that this option will make it easier for people wishing to apply to rent a property.