Upcoming project : DATAROOM


Upcoming project : DATAROOM
The "Dataroom" module, currently under development, will revolutionise not only the way you process and share your data, but also the entire real estate industry!
Always at the forefront of innovation, IMMOMIG SA will offer this new module to its PRO license customers in the spring of 2023.

The "Dataroom" will bring many benefits to customers who decide to opt for this module, such as:

  • Facilitate the exchange of data with your contacts and principals, but also with intermediaries such as a notary or a bank, who will also be able to send you files through this channel

  • Limit access to specific files for each recipient

  • Send links by e-mail to access documents, even large ones, directly in the "Dataroom" in a secure manner

  • Make access to your "Dataroom" possible only for people who have accepted your own terms and conditions

  • Access to the complete history of all actions related to the files

To get a more concrete idea of what the "Dataroom" module will allow you to do, here is an example of a possible use.

The real estate management company XYZ wants to sell a building worth CHF 100 million.
Potential buyers are institutional players, banks or large companies.
XYZ sends an e-mail announcement with the Immomig® software. Interested parties announce themselves via the contact form automatically integrated in the CRM or directly on the agency's website.
XYZ then sends them a unique link to the Dataroom integrated into its website. This is a confidential and highly secure virtual space with data hosting in Switzerland.
By clicking on the link, potential clients are directed to the confidentiality agreement on the agency's website. After accepting the conditions presented, they are given permission to access the files relating to the property for sale. The agency is informed of everything that happens. It is also possible to provide access to an intermediary (notary or bank) who accesses the files and can even register their own files.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this module.