Is renting cheaper than buying?


Is renting cheaper than buying?
In the Swiss media landscape, only one thing is heard when it comes to real estate: renting is now more advantageous than buying! But is this true?

"For thirteen years, it was cheaper to buy a flat than to rent it in Switzerland. With the recent rise in interest rates for fixed-rate mortgages, this has changed again. - writes the NZZ. "For years, landlords had an advantage. Now, in many places, renting is again more attractive", says SRF and "Until now, owning was considered more advantageous than renting. But that is no longer the case, as an analysis shows. Since the beginning of the year, anyone who wants a 4.5-room flat is saving a few hundred francs a year by renting. "says 20 Minutes.

However, we were able to read a very interesting press release from Bestag, which describes the following factor: "In case of inflation, mortgages behave the same way as our savings. They are always worth less. This means that the buyer not only benefits in the long term from a home and the freedoms it brings, but can also profit from rising inflation! So you are only showing the monthly expenditure side, not the change in value over the years in times of inflation. A clear argument that is hardly highlighted by the medians.

This is why we always say: keep your critical mind and your calm!