An insight into our latest works


An insight into our latest works
As you know, IMMOMIG AG not only offers a software infrastructure tailored to the real estate world, but also personalised IT solutions, including above all websites. We would like to briefly introduce three of these latest works to you:
Bulliard Immobilier has not only been an Immomig® user for more than 10 years, but is also our neighbour (until the completion of the new offices in Düdingen). Therefore it was a special pleasure for us to create a new representative website for their 75th anniversary!
Gérances Giroud has been using our software for over 5 years. The website is simple but very efficient. Isn't the beautiful butterfly on a green background idyllic?
Ponte Immobilien Schweiz is our youngest customer on this list, with about 4 years. Here, a lot of emphasis was placed on highlighting the international spirit of the company and showing its dynamism with the modern design.

Don't be afraid to click on the different websites, compare them and if we could inspire you, give us your feedback!