Vision Immomig®


Vision Immomig®
In this blog post we would like to share with you our vision of the real estate business.

First, what does the real estate business entail?

The simplified process of this activity can be divided into three phases: The order phase, the marketing phase and the closing phase.

Of course, digitalisation already starts in the order phase. That is why the Immomig® software offers interfaces with mandate search systems and simplifies accessibility for potential mandates. It helps its users to present themselves professionally and efficiently.

IMMOMIG AG started with the marketing process. This is where its greatest strength lies. The large number of functions, modules and interfaces, in combination with the most modern websites, allow the properties to be marketed optimally. One example is the automatic quality analysis of the advertisement on the advertising platforms.

An example of the simplification of the closing phase is DigiRENT, which revolutionises the old and tedious letting process and in particular the gathering of candidatures and their evaluation process. In addition, invoices and reservations can be automated and signatures can be processed digitally.

In addition, IMMOMIG AG is developing the so-called "DATAROOM". Here, all important documents will be stored and shared with different parties, such as the notary's office or the financing bank.

The main goals of the digital transformation are to increase customer loyalty and to improve internal efficiency.

Those who understand how to get the right digital tools and services will be able to intensify the customer experience, optimise processes and focus on what is essential - namely personal advice and thus people.

So the vision is clear: "Less office. More personal."