Revolution of the smart home system


Revolution of the smart home system
Whether Smart Home systems such as Google Nest, Philips Hue, Bosch Smart or Alexa speakers. In a smart home, a wide variety of devices communicate with each other. However, this can lead to complications if not all of them are compatible. This is precisely why the CSA is introducing the Matter Standard, which aims to build an interface into all smart systems.

Modern problems require modern solutions

Matter, formerly Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), is a royalty-free standard for home automation. It was launched on 18 December 2019 and aims to reduce fragmentation between different vendors and achieve interoperability between smart home devices and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms from different vendors.

The project group around Matter consists of: Amazon, Apple, Google, Comcast and the Zigbee Alliance, now Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Later members include IKEA, Huawei and Schneider. Matter-compatible products and software updates for existing products are expected to be launched in 2022.

Matter uses the Internet Protocol (IP) for communication between devices. According to the CSA, the initial specification supports Ethernet 802.3, Wi-Fi (802.11), Thread (802.15.4) and Bluetooth Low Energy transmission standards. The latter is to be used primarily for initial device setup, as is already the case with many devices today.