A milestone for the SSREI


A milestone for the SSREI
What is the SSREI?

The organisation introduces itself in these words: "The Swiss Sustainable Real Estate Index (SSREI) was developed to assess the sustainability of the Swiss real estate portfolio. SSREI supports owners (real estate funds, real estate stock corporations, investment foundations, insurance companies, pension funds, the public sector) in aligning their real estate with the increasingly stringent sustainability requirements and ensuring its long-term value."

As published in the press release on 29 June, GREB (Global ESG Benchmark for Real Assets) has recognised the valuation methodology of the SSREI (Swiss Sustainable Real Estate Index). GRESB accepts the SSREI in particular as operating green building certification and portfolio analysis as well as for other thematically overlapping requirements. The corresponding technical implementation of the recognition will already be available for the GRESB assessment cycle 2022.

While GRESB follows an ESG approach, SSREI focuses purely on real estate quality, but in a more detailed and comprehensive way.

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