6 points to consider when writing an advert


6 points to consider when writing an advert

The title

The title should achieve two objectives: it should be attractive and easy to remember, but it should also be precise and concise. What exactly does this mean?
The first question is whether the title is obvious when we fly over the text and, if so, whether it is easy to remember. Most of the time, potential customers look at several objects and can quickly forget an advertisement even if it is relevant to their needs. The title should help to remedy this.
In addition, the title should attract as many customers as possible whose search criteria match the item. If a customer sees exactly the keywords that attract them, such as "family", "quiet" or "central", the chances of them being interested in the property are greater.

The photos

We have already discussed several points concerning the photos (see blog). The next step is to make sure that the photos are uploaded in the highest possible quality. It would be a pity if potential customers were to pass by because of low resolution photos.


It is important to arouse curiosity. However, there are certain characteristics that must be mentioned. Here is a short list of the most important points:

  • Offer (sale/rental/investment),
  • availability,
  • condition (new/old/project),
  • distribution and size of the areas,
  • equipment (especially kitchen and bathroom),
  • floor coverings,
  • information about the surroundings,
  • additional features of the property (e.g. lift, pets allowed, child-friendly, etc.),
  • distance information, etc.

If possible, a floor plan or even a virtual tour should also be made available. These points guarantee good feedback, as potential customers are already informed. PDF files can also be made available. A word of advice: repetition should be avoided as much as possible. They make the text look unprofessional.

Call to action

As always in marketing, it is important to think about how we can get in touch with interested customers. The aim is to create a personal connection as quickly as possible in order to better understand their needs.
How can this be done? Many advertising platforms offer contact forms that can seem very impersonal. It is possible to respond to these requests with a short personal message or by referring the potential customer to your website to present yourself in more detail.

Address and price information

More precise information can help to optimise the search. If the address is precise, it is easy to reach the right people. This makes it easier to be listed in the right search register and therefore to be promoted.
A price indication also makes it possible to assess more quickly whether a property corresponds to a potential customer's budget. This prevents the latter from getting the wrong idea.

The Immomig ® advantage

With Immomig ®, all this is child's play! When you fill in the basic data of a property, an automated system directly indicates the quality level of the ad. The completeness of the ad is indicated by a colour code, scored by a points system and compared to other ads! Would you like to know exactly what it looks like? Then sign up for a free, no-obligation demonstration