What is home staging?


What is home staging?

Home staging is a trend that has developed over the last ten years. A form of real estate marketing, it consists of presenting objects in the best possible conditions for a possible sale or rental. Thanks to this technique, your chances of success will be much greater. In this article, IMMOMIG SA reviews 6 steps to follow for a successful real estate valuation.

6 steps to home staging

  1. Depersonalize

  2. One of the goals of home staging is to make your potential customers feel at home. In order to promote this feeling, it is necessary to put away all personal and bulky items. This includes, for example, family photos, souvenirs and other items such as hygiene products.

  3. Cleaning and repairing

  4. No one wants to move into a dump. It is therefore necessary that the property and its rooms are well maintained. However, this does not have to be expensive. Effective home staging means doing more with less. Most of the time, a thorough cleaning and touching up of the paint is sufficient. In addition, it is best to repair or remove anything that is defective or badly worn. The goal is to bring a modern touch at a lower cost.

  5. Increase volume and circulation

  6. In order to facilitate the volume of your property and the circulation during the visit, bulky objects should be avoided. In addition, the windows should be kept clear. Not only will the building appear more spacious, but visitors will be able to see the property without any obstruction.

  7. Decorating and lighting

  8. Once the obstacles have been removed, it is important to furnish the room. If there is little light, make sure to decorate the dark areas. Choose nice furniture that is also practical. A nice mirror or a vase and some flowers can also help.

  9. Focus on colour harmony

  10. It is important to find the right balance. Light colours are preferable, but a few touches of colour can visually enlarge the space. Be careful, however, that bright colours do not attract too much attention. The whole should be harmonious.

  11. Do not neglect the power of the photo

  12. There is nothing more valuable than quality photos. It is on these that a person's first impression of a property is based. Objects with nice pictures will sell/rent more easily. In fact, according to experts, digital ads with nice pictures are three times more successful!