Better control of the follow-up of your contacts


Better control of the follow-up of your contacts
Before interacting with one of your contacts (sending documents, telephones, e-mails), it is important to take stock of what has already been done. Until now, Immomig® offered a history with which you could sort the information by actions or by objects. In order to make your life easier and save you time, IMMOMIG SA develops a new "timeline". This one will be available in March.

This development makes it possible to group all interactions with your contact by date on a single page. This page includes the contact details, a summary of the search criteria and this famous timeline!

All activities related to the contact in question will be listed in chronological order and differentiated by colour. These are the different categories:

  • Actions: telephone discussions, interest communicated by the contact, appointments, sale of the object, etc.

  • Letters

  • SMS

  • E-mails

  • Newsletter: subscription, unsubscription, reception and reading

  • Website visits: opening the object, downloading brochures, etc.

  • Calendar events

This innovative new display will allow you to quickly add, modify or delete new interactions.