Refresh of our e-mail templates


Refresh of our e-mail templates
In order to make your daily life easier and to save you time, IMMOMIG SA has revised its templates for e-mails sent or received by Immomig® users.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been offering you new e-mail templates. These are more aesthetic and more practical. In addition, they will save you time thanks to the action buttons that are located directly in the e-mail. These buttons allow you, for example, to open the relevant objects and contacts directly in the software or to send the relevant PDF brochure. This applies to the following situations:

E-mails sent to the agency

  • Contact request for an object

  • Reservation request for a holiday rental

  • Internal notification of a PDF download

  • Notification of a new prospect (with acquisition form)

  • E-mail with information about the creation of a contact account

E-mails sent to the contact

  • Confirmation of account creation

  • Forgotten login

This refresh is only valid for our Pelican websites.