Data centers pollute the planet


Data centers pollute the planet
Between the power supply for computer data storage and the cooling of the generators, a huge amount of CO2 is released. Today there are many climate protection projects and IMMOMIG SA is participating in them.

If the Internet were a country, it would be classified as the third biggest polluter in the world after China and the USA. Switzerland even takes second place on the podium of the country with the largest volume of data centres* in Europe. We can explain this by the fact that Switzerland favours the protection of user data.

The worldwide consumption is estimated at 10-15% of the total electricity, or 100 nuclear reactors. If we do nothing, in 2030 Internet-related consumption would reach the 2008 global consumption in all sectors.

With the development of big data, data centres have an even greater ecological impact. One data centre would consume the same amount of energy as 30,000 inhabitants in Europe. Fortunately, measures have been taken to try to reduce this ecological problem. For example, by using renewable energies or by locating data centres in Nordic countries to take advantage of the cooler temperatures to cool the computers.

IMMOMIG SA's contribution

For IMMOMIG SA, environmental and climate protection is an important issue. IMMOMIG SA did not choose its data centre by chance to take active action against this problem. From the beginning, it has relied on « nine ». In addition to being based in Switzerland, "nine" works together with « myclimate » and together they offer products with a climate-neutral solution. They fully offset CO2 emissions through climate protection projects in Switzerland, such as biogas, biomass, hydropower and waste management.

« Small steps lead to big changes »

*A data centre is a place where billions of customer and personal data are stored on computers and servers for the smooth running of a company.

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