Customize the colors of your PDFs


Customize the colors of your PDFs
Colour customisation
Thanks to our new technology called "Spatz", you will have the possibility to personalise the colours of your PDFs using, for example, your company's colours (Corporate Identity and Corporate Design).
The Spatz technology is based on a new technological foundation that has been made possible by the evolution of the tools available. In particular, it increases the reliability and scalability of our PDF products.

Which formats?
Several Packs are already available to you. The "Standard" model includes the following PDFs: full, reduced, images only and posters with portrait and landscape orientations. Our goal is that all your supports (website, mini-site and PDF) have the same visual line. This is why we prepare all these types of PDFs based on the graphics of our existing templates (Sycamore, Oak, Mahogany, Birch, Cedar, etc.). The "Sycamore" pack is already available!