Swiss Army: 2,700 properties sold


Swiss Army: 2,700 properties sold
Between 2007 and 2019, the Federal Department of Defence (DDPS) sold 2,700 properties for a total of CHF 380 million. During this period, around 6,000 properties were also decommissioned or deconstructed.

The creation of armasuisse Real Estate (the DDPS real estate competence centre) led to the decommissioning of military real estate not used by the armed forces from 2006 onwards. This was done through the sale, decommissioning or dismantling of these properties.

Between 2007 and 2015, more than 1,700 properties were sold for a total of CHF 270 million. In the following four years, around 1,000 properties were sold for CHF 90 million.

Sale to public authorities

Real estate owned by the Confederation may only be used for civil purposes if the necessary foundations have been created in terms of building and planning law. In principle, according to the Federal Constitution, this responsibility lies with the cantons and municipalities.

However, there is a sequence that must be observed before a property is put up for sale. The DDPS must first offer the property to the other federal building and real estate agencies (SCI) to find out whether there is a need for it. If the answer is negative, the property can be proposed to the cantons concerned and then to the municipalities with the aim of prioritising acquisition for public purposes. If there is no interest from these actors, a public tender process is launched.

Future projects

By the end of 2023, approximately 1000 properties could still be sold. For example, this could include the airfields in Sion (VS) and Dübendorf (ZH), the military site in Lyss (BE) or the arsenal site in Moudon (VD).

What will become of these former army buildings? They may be converted into housing, accommodation for asylum seekers, an innovation park or a civilian airfield.

Decommissioning and destruction

If a property does not meet the required rights or has no potential for use, it cannot be sold. In this case, it will be decommissioned or destroyed. Most of the time, these are former combat and command structures. This concerns about 6000 objects for the period 2006-2019.