23 new products in the first half of 2021


23 new products in the first half of 2021
Every week IMMOMIG SA is doing its utmost to offer its customers innovations. Since the beginning of the year, 23 new features have been added to the Immomig® solution. Let's take a look at 5 of them together:

1) Automatic responses to requests
A potential customer wants to know more about one of your properties (for sale or rent) and makes a request for information on your website or on a portal. From then on, an answer that you have predefined will be automatically sent to him. He doesn't have to wait and you save time while being more reactive.

2) Three new templates and a mini-site
If you want a new website or simply a new design, you have the choice! Several templates are available, including 3 new ones since the beginning of the year. We have already presented the « Cedar » and « Birch » templates. Today we are unveiling the « Pando » design. All of these designs incorporate our new Pelican Technology and its many advantages. This is also the case for the new « Sycamore » mini-site design, which will allow you to easily and effectively promote your property project.

3) Sharing properties on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Social networks are a good networking tool. People like, comment and share posts. This gives you more opportunities and visibility. Now you can take advantage of this feature and share your properties on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with one click. All the data is taken directly from the Immomig® software.

4) Project margin calculation
With Immomig®, you can manage your different promotions. For several weeks now, each project has a "Margin" section that compares the construction costs to the project revenues. You can therefore insert the project costs and calculate the project margin.

5) Lead costs
With this new feature, you can compare the efficiency of your different gateways. The Immomig® software calculates the number of days your objects are published on each portal as well as the number of requests from them. In this way, you can analyse each portal, their quality/price ratio and determine which one brings you the most profit.

Some new features have been created thanks to the suggestions and remarks of our customers. We encourage you to continue to do so, because together we can continue to push the boundaries of innovation!