For some years now, a non-profit association "Pumpipumpe" has been promoting mutual support between neighbours. Its principle is simple: anything can be lent, anything can be borrowed. All you have to do is show your neighbours what is available by placing a sticker on your mailbox. It's easy, simple and practical! The stickers from Pumpipumpe simply make all those useful but hidden objects visible and help to create new connections between neighbours.

It is precisely this social aspect in addition to the fight against waste that particularly motivated one property owner to enter into a unique partnership with Pumpipumpe. He hopes to develop dialogue and solidarity in his new neighbourhood through the exchange of everyday objects. Sabine Hirsig, co-founder of the Pumpipumpe association, is delighted to see that for the first time a real estate player has been receptive to their initiative.

Are you interested in this concept? Then find out more by visiting the Pumpipumpe website « here » .

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