IMMOMIG SA sponsors two major events in November


IMMOMIG SA sponsors two major events in November
The last two events sponsored by IMMOMIG SA, EMN Valais and the 8th edition of the Brokers' Day in Lausanne took place in the Valais and on the shores of Lake Geneva. Recognizing the importance for its clients to always be well informed about the latest real estate trends, IMMOMIG SA makes it a point of honour to ensure that these meetings continue by providing them with financial support.

During the event on 14 November organised by EMN, the role that real estate will play in the development of the canton of Valais was discussed. On the other hand, the key themes of the second event were the legal aspects related to the sale of real estate as well as the influence of taxation on prices.

These two events were once again very enriching for all participants and IMMOMIG SA is delighted to have been able to participate indirectly in their success!

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