Inspiring a potential customer based on a poor quality plan is not easy! So what would you say if we announced you today that it is now possible to order beautiful 2D or 3D plans with or without furniture directly on Immomig® in just a few clicks! It's fast, cheap and your customers will be able to project themselves easily into the property thanks to this new image with its impressive realism!

To obtain a new plan, simply import the old one into Immomig® under "images (plan type)" in the object concerned, then place the order by clicking on the "add" button. Regardless of the options chosen, you will automatically receive the new image directly on Immomig® and this in a record time! The price in credits is displayed in the order window.

Discover it for yourself by participating at our great contest and maybe win one of the three 300-credit prizes on Facebook and Instagram! Don't wait and try your luck! More information on our pages:

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