New: Immomig® 8.0


New: Immomig® 8.0
We do everything to do fulfill your needs and develop continuously new solutions with the aim to facilitate you the real estate business commercialization. So a new version of the software is ready for you. We are glad to present to you the novelties after all that hard work.

Our current version 7.0 already exists since several years. Now it is time to adapt itself to the demands of the market. To be the leader at the Swiss market means not only to follow the flow, but also to question itself constantly and to look for potential improvements as well as innovations. All that to remain the Market leader and to satisfy every single of our 3'500 customers. With it we would like to set a new Benchmark. IMMOMIG AG grows and grows, our software adapts itself.
We invest a lot of time, resources and our capital in designing, developing and translating the new version in all four languages - for you we are ready to take the amount of effort.

What could you be looking forward?
o Discover a new, innovative graphical representation of the user's interface
o Personalize the graphical interface as you wish
o Choose by yourself what should appear on your Dashboard
o Get suggestions to pages which are connected with yours
o Standardize your searching filters
o Every register contains its own statistics and configuration
o A new tool by the name of "AdsQuality" helps you to raise the quality of your announcements. The announcement is valued on a scale from 0 to 10
o The function of the Geo-Searching criterion will be available, this simplifies your customers the object search. The criteria are represented on a map
o Purge and optimization of the website codes for the rise of the loading speed of your proficient web page

We are conscious that changes need a certain time to adapt. We are able to provide you this! For a certain period you can access on both versions of the online software and familiarize yourselves with the new version.

From the beginning of July 2018 you can benefit from the version 8.0. The already known functionalities and tools are still available - and a lot more will come. Your data remain available of course.

Our team is available to you for any questions to the handling of the version 8.0. Besides we will place at your disposal a written documentation to the new functionalities.

We are looking forward to present you the latest version of Immomig ®!