Construction tailored to millennials


Construction tailored to millennials
"Millennial" is the designation for the generation born around the turn of the century. They are also called as Generation Y, as well as as a Digital Natives. The exact years of the year of birth varies according to source, however, it can be limited with the span in 1980 to 2000.

For young people Co. Living becomes more and more popular. In spite of high rents it drives them in the cities. To be able to finance this, they form shared apartements. The floor spaces are kept compact, kitchen and bathroom are small. However, the flats dispose of common rooms.

Millennials prefer to live near their workplace. They are ready to make compromises with the cellar, the kitchen or with additional bathroom units.
Moreover, a survey recently executed by the real-estate business adviser Wüest Partner shows that the Millennials - the buyers from tomorrow - have as well the dream of an own home.

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