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The data entered will be saved on servers hosted in Switzerland.
The data processing delegate can be contacted via company IMMOMIG SA.
I can access my data at any time by logging into my account with the credentials that have been emailed to me. In the event of loss of this data, I can ask the company IMMOMIG SA, to transmit them to me again.
The data entered will be kept as long as my property search is active and/or, that I have not explicitly requested the deletion to the company IMMOMIG SA.
I can at any time ask the company IMMOMIG SA, that this last one provides the data which I transmitted to them concerning me in a CSV file, allowing the portability of the said data.
I can modify my personal information at any time via my account (see point 3) or by requesting it to company IMMOMIG SA.
I can unsubscribe at any time from newsletters and other email alerts to which I am subscribed via my account (see point 3) or by asking the company IMMOMIG SA.
I can at any time ask the company IMMOMIG SA, the complete and definitive deletion of the data in their possession (data that I personally transmitted).

Cookies and audience analysis
You can visit our website anonymously. Non-personal usage data, such as the IP address of your device, the pages viewed, the browser used, the date, time, etc., which we store by means of cookies are however collected on this occasion. Session Cookies: For the proper functioning of certain parts of the website (mainly the "my account" part, and the criteria defined in the search filter(s)). Cookies Google Analytics: To understand user behaviour and allow adaptations to make browsing more pleasant and efficient.

IMMOMIG SA is likely to use anonymous website analytics technologies to continuously improve its websites. In doing so, information relating to the operating system, browser, geographical origin (country only), pages consulted during the visit as well as interactions. We only analyze the data anonymously and for statistical purposes, for example to determine the number of accesses per day. We do not use personal data, unless the user himself has provided this data with full knowledge of the facts, for example when requesting information on a property for sale.

Links to other websites
Certain links on our website provide access to third-party websites over which we have no influence. As soon as you click on these links, you leave the company's sphere of influence IMMOMIG SA. We therefore assume no liability for the completeness and legality of the contents and links to other websites or any products, offers and (service) provided on. The terms of use and data protection provisions of these third parties apply.

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Liability disclaimer
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The use of electronic media such as the Internet, e-mail, etc. carries a risk (viruses and other hacking). To reduce these risks, please use an up-to-date version (last updated by the developer) of your browser and install a regularly updated antivirus. Do not open e-mails of unknown origin and attachments with a".EXE" or".ZIP" extension for example.